Super Paper Mario guide


Wii | Submitted by Pointless Easter Egg 101

Merlee's Mushroom

Merlee's Mansion, 2-2 version, after unlocking Dottie

Ever wanted to get that pesky mushroom that you probably fell for at least once? Well, here's how. After unlocking Dottie the pixel, head to the room with the mushroom that goes to the end of the screen until you fall in a pit. Jump over the invisible pit, then use dottie to get into the small hole that the mushroom goes inside. You can now get that mushroom!

Wii | Submitted by w-man

Arcade Room In Flipside!

The coffee shop in the basement

looking in 3-D while in the basements coffee shop[the place where the kid who likes milk and the guy with info for usally for ten coins per secret] head backwards and you will find a yellow pipe that leads to the arcade room where in the beginning there are three games for 10 tokens each here are the prices for the tokens:

1 token-3 coins

15 tokens-20 coins?

30 tokens-40 coins?

50 tokens-150 coins

there is a cube that sells the tokens to you and other stuff too. these games all use wiimote function one for tilting, and two for pointing and pressing A or B. have fun!

PS: I submitted this cheat with the new internet channel version for Wii!

Wii | Submitted by hoping for Paper Mario 4

Grow, Fishy, Grow

Flipside B1

Remember the fish, Mr. Gills, that you put in the water on Flipside B1 floor back in Chapter 4? Well, check back on him every time you beat a chapter, he'll have grown much, much bigger and you'll see bones lining the bottom. (NOTE: don't worry, for some reason the fish won't try to attack you)

Wii | Submitted by Shaw12345n

New Hair

Flopside Floor1 (After you beat game)

Tired of Peach's hair? You can change it, after you beat the game, by going to Flopside Floor 1 (the left house by the cooking shop). It is now a pony tail.

Wii | Submitted by Mr. Mario Man

Easter Egg Room

When you are in Francis' Fort, and your up to the part where you give in a code, put 2828 to enter Francis' Master Bedroom and inside will be lots of old references to other paper mario games.

You'll see Bowletta and her butler from the first Paper Mario; you'll see the little bug creature on the shelf from Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door; you'll see your partner Yoshi (you get to name it) from Paper Mario, the Thousand Year Door.


Wii | Submitted by Shaw12345n

Unlimited 3-D

To unlock unlimited 3-D, get a Mario card by buying it for 999 coins at the card shop or beat Flopside Pit of 100 trail twice!

Wii | Submitted by R-ko

Unlock Luigi

Chapter 7-1 (1st time)

First go to Queen Jadyes and she will tell u that her daughter is missing and she will give you a key to a door. swim to the bottom of the river ignoring the boat ride and the skeleton arms. go to 3D and down the hole in the middle to reach the locked door. push the blue box of the edge and pull the lever making the water drain. hit the breakable boxes and fill the room with water. swim over the ledge and go 3D to knock over the box and drain the water out. go 3D and follow the path next to the lever to reach a door. (if its not that way, go to the place with the pipe and the ladder that comes out of the box and go 3D to reveal a passage which may also go to the door). once your there,jump on the fountains and at the top you will find a clueless luigi wondering around. Mario explains everything and Luigi joins your party as your 4th hero. his special power is jumping super high in the air.

Wii | Submitted by Shaw12345n

Pixl List

Thoreau the grabbing Pixl

Boomer the bomb Pixl

Slim the invisible Pixl

Thudley the stomping Pixl

Carrie the hover Pixl

Fleep the finding Pixl

Cudge the hammer Pixl

Dottie the tiny Pixl

Barry the shield Pixl

Dashell the speedy Pixl

Piccolo the music Pixl

and last Tippi the flashlight Pixl

Wii | Submitted by Hopes for Paper Mario 4


Francis's Castle

Beat the game? Missing Tippi? You know you are. But, if you go back to Francis's Castle, you can pay 100 coins to get Tiptron, a Pixl that can do everything Tippi could do.

Wii | Submitted by Shaw12345n


B1 Flipside & Flopside

After you beat the game, you can play minigames, but you have to unlock it. This is how. Go to Flopside B1, then go in that building in Flopside B1. After, flip sideways with mario. It will then extend and there will be 2 boxes (one has minigame pass.

Then do the same in Flipside but instead of boxes there is an orange pipe. Enter it and then your there, just make sure you have coins.

Wii | Submitted by Shaw12345n

World 6 Prize

World 6 (After you beat game)

After you beat all 100 of the samurai type guys you unlock 6 or 7 super rare cards. They are Mario's teammates from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Old Door.

Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

Play As Bowser


After defeating Bowser he will join your party.

Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

Play As Peach

After Chapter 1-4

After you complete Chapter 1-4 Merlon will ask you to come to his house. While you are there a boy will come in and say he found a girl. When you find her Merlon will tell you she needs Spicy Soup. Saffron the Chef will make it for you using a Fire Blast. Give the soup to Peach and after some talking she will join your party.


Wii | Submitted by Matt Anderson

Defeat Mr. L And Brobot

Chapter 4-4, Chapter 6-1

Chapter 4-4

Mr. L Max. HP:40

Brobot Max HP: 255

At the end of Chapter 4-4, you will meet up

with Luigi, but he is now the evil Mr.L.In

this battle, you must jump on Luigi's head

to deal damage.After dealing a certain

amount of damage, Mr. L will summon his

robot, formally known as Brobot.You will

have to use Squirps' energy blast attack

to deal damage to Brobot, while Mr. L

uses Brobot to hurt you.It takes about

20 to 30 hits to defeat Brobot.

Chapter 6-1

Brobot L-Type Max. HP: 64

After chapter 6 gets destroyed, you must

go back through the blue door.After walking

right for a while, you will see Mr. L steal

the damaged Pure Heart.He will soon spot

you and introduce you to the new and

improved Brobot L-Type.This battle is a

little harder than in chapter 4, so I

would recommend using Barry, Boomer, or

Cudge for some extra damage on Brobot

(Boomer and Cudge being the best).I also

recommend finding a good defense for when

Brobot throws his fists and missles.

Eventually, you will destroy Brobot for

good and Dimentio will turn Mr. L into

good, old Luigi!

Wii | Submitted by juggalogamer

Unlimited Coins

In chapter 5-2 near the large rock shaped like a yoshi if you flip into 3-D you will find an Amazy Dayzee. Use a catch card on it. You can then sell the Amazy Dayzee card at either the flipside or flopside card shops for 300 coins a piece. you can repeat this procces as many times as you want and earn yourself endless coins

Wii | Submitted by Blacklite

More Things To Do After The Main Quest

-Other secret pixls-

As you probably have heard, there are other secret pixls than the tiptron and barry. There is Dashell, Piccalo, and one other one! So find every secret pixl in this game!

-FlOpside pit of 100 trials-

There is a 100 pit in flipside. So first complete that (to get dashell) Once you beat it, go to the same place where you opened the way to the trials in flipside but go there at flOpside. You should see a "Z" thingy you flip with fleep, flip it and a blue switch comes out. Hit that switch and you are ready for the 100 trials of flOpside. (im not sure you recieve a secret pixl here but it cant hurt to check...)


Go to the B1 of Flopside and you see a pool of water. Jump in it and swim down, then right, then up. You will a green guy carrying a bag full of paper aswell as a house you need dotty to get into. Talk to the green guy and he will offer you a map. Buy all of them (at least one at a time) and press "+". Go down on the menu to the map part click on tht and it should show you all of the maps you've bought. click on one and it should show you a place with a red X on it. Find that place and use fleep to flip where the X would be. Mostly cards are in these treasures but some are items.

(now you have beat the game!)

Wii | Submitted by Eric Martin

Piccillo The Music Pixl

Flip Side and world 1

After you beat the game go to the fortune teller in flopside.She asks you to go to the fortune teller in Flipside to get a new crystal ball. Go to the fortune teller in flipside and she asks you to get supplies from the flip master in chapter 1-1.Go to him and he asks you to get something back from Watchit in chapter 1-2. Then go to Watchit and he asks you to go to the girl that you see in the chamber that you find the pure heart in after you beat the dragon.Talk to her and she gives her signature on a piece of paper for Watchit.Go back to Watchit and give him the signature.Then Watchit gives you the you know what and give that to the flip master.Then the flip master gives you the supplies.Go to the fortune teller in flipside and give her the supplies.She gives you the crystal ball.Give the crystal ball to the fortune teller in flopside and she gives you a key.Go to the locked house near where you come into flopside from flipside the normal way and open the door with the key.There is atreasure chest in the house. Open it and you have Piccillo.

Wii | Submitted by Hopes for Paper Mario 4

The Secret Of The Mirrors

Count Bleck's Castle

As you explore Count Bleck's Castle in Chapter 8-3, there is a room where 20 or so Dimensio copies teleport from mirror to mirror and try to Star-bolt you into oblivion. You can't fight back, and, the mirrors look like platforms, so the copies love to trick you into jumping onto a platform that isn't there. And, if it could be any worse, the door out is locked. The Secret of this room is to keep looking until you find a "mirror" that doesn't glint in the light. Flip to 3-D and you find that the "mirror" is really a hole. Jump through it, and you find items, a Door Key, and a safe haven from the endless downpour of Star-bolts.

Wii | Submitted by wiiman95

Whacka Bump Secret (And Cooking Disk)

Secret area in end of 5-1

Go to the part of 5-1 where you see the first save block. If you have Dottie, flip, shrink, and go through the little hole and go into the pipe. Collect the coins and go through the next pipe. Here you find a Whacka. (Note: If you flip right here, you can go on a lower ledge to the left and get a cooking disk.) Now jump on the Whakca to get a Whacka bump. Go back through the pipe and go back again to where the Whacka is and get another Whacka bump. Repeat this process until the whacka runs away. Now go to Flipside and go to the cook. Cook each Whacka bump and then you can sell each one for 200 coins!

Wii | Submitted by Shaw12345n

Secert Pixl #3

Pipe of 100 Phases (In Flipside)

After you complete Pipe of 100 Phases, in Flipside, you earn 1-3 of the secert Pixl, Dashell the Speedy Pixl. The other 2 are Piccolo the Music Pixl, and Barry the Shield Pixl.

Good Luck!

Wii | Submitted by BlackLite

Star Time

Chapter 3-1

In chapter 3-1, pass all the koopas on the hill and you see a pipe with a brick block above it (this is not the one with the pirahna plant in it) Hit the block and it will release a ladder up to a door which you enter. Now just to the right of the door that you came from is a ? block. Hit it and a star should come out. Then keep going and you should see another door. Enter that and you should see a short clip of a koopa getting a star. Then run to the left (he is chasing you) and you should see a ? block. Hit it and you get to VS. the koopa star to star. It's really easy though, just run into him and you get the points.

Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

How To Beat Dimentio

Select Peach for this fight so you can use her Parasol Shield. As soon as the fight starts jump on Dimentio's head to deal damage. after that he will start teleporting and shooting blasts of energy at you. When he starts to charge up a blast hurry and jump on his head. (Make sure you don;t touch his body or you will get hurt.) If you don;t get to Dimentio in time, use your parasol and wait. Eventually he will clone himself and only one of the Dimentios will take damage. Continue jumping on his head and he will give up eventually.

Wii | Submitted by BlackLite

Secret Pixl

Chapter 3-1

At the beginning of world three, you talk to a sun shaped thing and he helps you by telling about the three red things. After you beat all of world three, go to to chapter 3-1 and talk to him. He will then give you his power.

Wii | Submitted by dr.joe

How To Defeat Frocktail

chapter 1

When you see frocktail, he will come at you four times. The fourth time you have to switch dimensions. From 2-D to 3-D. Then you have to jump on his back. Then, when you are on his back little enemy things will appear.You have to use your pixel to pick them up one at a time, then you go to his head and throw them at the antenna three times. After you hit him three times, he will flip in the air. when you reach the tail jump and then you should land on him again. do it all over again until he says "system crash". if you dont get on him when you jump he'll come at you again. just do what you did in the beginning

Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

How To Beat Bowser

Chapter 3-1

Use the Pixl, Boomer, to defeat Bowser. When Bowser jumps in the air, lay Boomer down and detonate him when Bowser lands. You can also use items like: Fire Blast, Shooting Stars, and Ice to defeat him.

Wii | Submitted by BlackLite

What To Do Once You Beat The Main Quest

Most Everywhere

Most people just sell their game once they "beat it". But these are things you should do before you sell it away (or not).

-The Pipe-

In Downtown Flopside, use mario to flip and you should see a weird beaver person. He should ask "hey how'd you find me?" Then he'll talk about a crazy pipe idea for you to be able to go in to get to Flopside to Flipside. It cost 300 coins but you should buy it it's really helpful!

-Recipes/data card-

You know how you find out recipes and then you can look at them on your start menu. But can you find ALL of them? Try and find every data card scattered all around the paper mario world to put in the DS in the cooking place, they will tell you how to make certain things.

-Back to world 6-

You know how the "Japenese" Fighting arena place vanished right? Well, now it's back! Fight and Fight to get all the way up to round 100! I'm not sure what the prize is though...

-Cards/Pipe of 100 phases-

At the very bottom of Flipside and Flopside, there is a pipe. To open the pathway to get to the pipe in flipside, you need to go to the outskirts of Flipside and find pipes! In one room, you will need Tippi (i will tell you how to get her back) to find blocks that float into the air. jump on each one untill you get to a platform then flip. Then keep walking and press the button for the way to open to the pipe. In the 100 phases, you will need to find a key for each room. Most of the time, you will have to kill one enemy who has the key. On other occaisions, you need to kill all the enemies then go to the locked door and the key will appear. Flipping helps (sorta). All of this is just to get cards of poeple. IN order to say you've beaten all of this game you need to find EVERY CARD.

-Get Tippi Back/Get lots of coins-

It's true! You really can! But you need a lot of coins!!! Go to the place where you find and fight Mr. L (space world on last level). Walk past the first room where the save station is. Then hit the ? block and a flower will come out. Collect as many coins as you can!!! Then go in the door in the same room that you need to flip to see. Then hit the ? block and a slow flower will come out. Immediately run down to where the pig is and kill it! Bunches of big coins will come out! Now press + and go to important things. Then click on the red warp pipe and warp back to flipside. Repeat this process untill you have 999 coins. (takes about 15-40 minutes). Once you have 999 coins, it's time to get tippi back!!! Now go to world 3-4 and turn into peach. Go into the green dudes lair and talk to him. He apologizes and shows you his replica of Tippi. And you can buy "Tippi" for 999 coins. Accept the deal and "Tippi" is yours!!! You can use her just like you could use the real tippi before. (if you want to see a short clip go to Merlins house with you new tippi).

-If you've done the above, you have completely beaten the game!- (you could be the first to completely beat the game! well, other than game testers...)

Wii | Submitted by Josh Burt

Skip The Elevator Scenes

Press '1' + '2' at the same time to skip the elevator sequence when riding the elevators in Flipside.


Wii | Submitted by Hopes for Paper Mario 4

Make Mulveree Free

The Fortune Teller's

In the house with the crystal ball on it, Mulveree waits to tell your fortune. Her hints are insanely helpful for finding heart pillars, but they're rather pricey. But, if you save right before paying her the money, then, after you hear what you have to do, turn off the game. You have all your money back and you know where to go.

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