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Super Monday Night Combat release date jumps to... right now

“Fuck it, we're doing it live,” tweeted (opens in new tab) Uber Entertainment's Chandana Ekanayake earlier today. No delightful Fox News schadenfreude (opens in new tab) this time around: instead, here's a free-play shooter released onto Steam even as the developer irons out the bugs. Super Monday Night Combat was in the midst of closed beta until very recently, but the game's now live on Steam, thanks to “issues” which saw the title accidentally released into the wild. Now all the world's invited to help shepherd SMNC toward its eventual 1.0 release.

“We had a bunch of invite issues over the weekend and the cleanest way to sort that out is to open it up,” explains (opens in new tab) Ekanayake over on the game's forums. While forumites and longtime players worry that the game's pre-release imbalances make it a risky proposition for public consumption, Ekanayake says the game's development will continue in a form “no different that what we've been doing, which is continue to update the game.”

You can download the free-play title on Steam now (opens in new tab), with “a formal announcement, promotion etc” promised by Ekanayake in the game's next patch.