Super Meat Boy Forever will launch before the end of the year

Super Meat Boy Forever
(Image credit: Team Meat)

The release date for Super Meat Boy Forever has finally been revealed, and it's coming this year.

As announced last night during The Game Awards 2020, Team Meat's Super Meat Boy sequel will be launching December 23 for the Epic Games Store, with the game's official website stating console releases also due in 2020. It will also be arriving on Steam in 2021.

The game was originally scheduled for an April 2019 release until it was delayed to 2020. With little word from the devs until now, it looked like that release might slip by, but it now looks like Meat Boy will return just in time. 

Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto-running platformer which focuses on Meat Boy and Bandage Girl trying to rescue their baby daughter, Nugget, from the hands of Dr Fetus. Levels are dynamically constructed based on difficulty and each time you beat a level, it reconstructs into a harder version of itself. 

Meat Boy and Bandage Girl are no longer defenseless, they can punch and kick their enemies, with the biggest difference being that the controls are now two buttons, you have a jump, a jump attack, a dive, and a slide. You can check out the brand new gameplay announcement trailer below, which shows off a lot of new combat.

The original Super Meat Boy released in 2010 and was originally a flash game from 2008 called Meat Boy. We don't know how many levels the new Super Meat Boy Forever will have at the moment, but the beloved 2010 title had over 300, so you can expect plenty more here. 

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