Super Mario Bros. Movie partners with Lush to create this new line of Mario-inspired cosmetics

Lush has ranged a new range of Mario-inspired cosmetics
(Image credit: Lush / Nintendo)

Cosmetic company Lush has partnered with the Super Mario Bros. Movie movie to release a limited-edition range of Super Mario-inspired smellies, including soaps, shower gels, and bath bombs.

The limited-edition range includes a Princess Peach body spray – described as "a fruity burst of peach and pineapple" – a Mario cola-scented shower gel, and a "fresh, crisp, apple-scented" Luigi shower gel.

There's also a gold coin-shaped soap, a question block 2-in-1 bath bomb, plus two "shower jellies", a "juicy jiggly, wiggly" one for Princess Peach, and a "warm and spicy" version called Bowser up for grabs, too.

Interestingly, several other items – including soaps shaped like Fire Piranha Plants, mushrooms, and invincibility stars – are also on an image inviting you to download the company's app. However, they're not seemingly up for sale just yet. 

Prices range from $45/£30 for the Peach spray to $9.50/£6.50 for the shower jellies, although there's also an (empty) question block gift box available for $10/£4, too.

"Lush joins forces with Nintendo + Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie to launch a limited-edition range of products," Lush teases on the official UK website (US site can be found right here), before reminding us that The Super Mario Bros. Movie arrives in theatres on April 5, 2023. Fans are invited to join the mailing list, although the products are currently available online and via Lush's physical stores. 

As for the latest about the movie? Well, the latest Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer revealed that the Lumas from Super Mario Galaxy are set to appear in the film, and Hope's "already obsessed with them".

"Unlike how they appear in Mario Galaxy, this Luma in particular is a little… unhinged?" Hope explains. "It's not clear whether or not we'll be seeing more of this star-shaped creature or any more of its kind in the film but right now, I can't get enough of this little oddball."

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