Super Bomberman R Online is a timed Stadia exclusive 64-player battle royale

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Switch launch title Super Bomberman R is being reworked into a 64 player battle royale - and it’s heading to Stadia next week. 

This timed exclusive strips back a lot of the content from the original, removing Super Bomberman R’s story campaign and various multiplayer offerings, replacing them with a single online battle royale mode.

Known as Battle 64, the new game type allows 64 players to choose from a variety of characters and customisation options (including the usual Silent Hill and Metal Gear costumes) before dropping the contestants into the mayhem. As you’d expect from a Bomberman game, the key formula remains pretty much unchanged here, with players hurriedly scrambling to plant as many explosives as they can until only one player remains.

Aside from the player count, the biggest change to the series’ classic formula comes in the genre staple of a shrinking play area. As the timer ticks down during a match, more play areas will begin to shut off - forcing players to make a dash through a newly opened door into the next area.

Interestingly, Super Bomberman R Online is the first game to take advantage of Stadia’s long-awaited Crowd Play Feature. For those who have forgotten, Crowd Play aims to connect Stadia players and streamers, allowing anyone to dive into their favourite YouTuber’s game at the click of a button.

Hitting Stadia on September 1, Super Bomberman R Online’s Premium Edition - containing 14 additional characters and private match functionality - will be free for all Pro subscribers until the 30th November. After that date, only the more limited base game will remain free to all Stadia Pro subscribers, with the Premium edition setting you back £9.99.

In a bid to boost the value of a Pro subscription, as of September 1, Stadia subscribers will also get access to Metro Last Light Redux, Hitman, Hello Neighbour, Gunsport and Embr.

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