Sunset Overdrive Smartphone collectibles locations guide

Sunset Overdrive features plenty of collectible items hidden around the metropolis setting of Sunset City, and if you want to unlock the more elusive Achievements then you're going to have to do some serious searching. Helpfully for most collectible types, maps can be purchased in-game to reveal their locations and make your gathering a bit more manageable.

This isn't the case with the Smartphones, however, as you're on your own when it comes to tracking down 40 of them. That's where this guide comes in to play--over the following pages we'll show you where to find every hidden mobile, so you can wrap up the Intel Achievement without having to break a sweat.

Old Factory District 

Smartphone 1

Smartphone 2

Near the large wall along the south side of the map.

Smartphone 3

In a wide alley perpendicular to a nearby train car. This is near the centre of the Old Factory District map.

Smartphone 4

Near the north side of the map, inside an enclosed bridge connecting two warehouses.

Smartphone 5

In an alcove in the lower half of the Old Factory District map.

Smartphone 6

Near the construction site on the upper half of the Old Factory District map.

Smartphone 7

Next to the cylindrical tank near the green fence at the west edge of the map.

Smartphone 8

Look for the parked box car where the railroad tracks end. The smartphone is along those tracks.

Smartphone 9

Use the hot dog factory in the screenshot as a frame of reference. This phone is at the lower half of the Old Factory District map.

Smartphone 10

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Little Tokyo District 

Smartphone 11

Look for the shop with the skull graffiti across the street.

Smartphone 12

In the lowest level of the dilapidated shopping plaza, surrounded by dumpsters.

Smartphone 13

Across the street from another graffiti skull, as well as art of a man wearing a suit. This is in the west side of Little Tokyo.

Smartphone 14

At the centre of Little Tokyo, look for the Do-Donuts shop nearby.

Smartphone 15

Referring to the screenshot, the smartphone is on a balcony, across the street from the Super Fantasy Land sign.

Smartphone 16

Smartphone 17

On the upper level of the back of the temple. You visit this during the Little Tokyo story missions.

Smartphone 18

Smartphone 19

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Harbour District 

Smartphone 20

Look for the green-fenced dead end near the overpass.

Smartphone 21

The square pool of water in the centre of the district.

Smartphone 22

In an alley, enclosed by a large wall of glass.

Smartphone 23

At the east side of the district, look for a transit station.

Smartphone 24

At the top of the bridge, inside one of the shacks. Be ready for a ton of combat.

Smartphone 25

Smartphone 26

Smartphone 27

Under the drawbridge connecting the large island to the rest of the district.

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Smartphone 28

Right in the middle of the gas station, near the middle of the two gas pumps.

Smartphone 29

In the middle of the fountain, along the east side of Downtown.

Smartphone 30

Look for a swimming pool, also along the east end of Downtown.

Smartphone 31

One floor above ground level, look for a set of double doors and a staircase nearby.

Smartphone 32

At the corner of a platform, along the water near the south end of Downtown.

Smartphone 33

Along the side of a building, look for some blue wall art, a couple trees, and a couple bushes.

Smartphone 34

Smartphone 35

Smartphone 36

At the west end of town. Look for the skull graffiti.

Smartphone 37

At the edge of the pier, on the west edge of the district. Look for the yoga sign.

Smartphone 38

In the centre of Downtown. Look for a bicycle nearby and a glass partition.

Smartphone 39

Smartphone 40

Look for a tiny alcove and some blue art on the wall. This is near the centre of the district.

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