Sunday Link-A-Mania

TV Pilot For Powers Comic
According to Premium Hollywood , Journeyman creator Kevin Falls is writing the TV pilot for an adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' comic Powers, about a pair of cops who investigate crimes involving "Supers" – those with superpowers.

Real Steel
The Hugh Jackman-starring robot boxing flick, Real Steel, is due to start filming in June in Michiga, for a 2011 release, according to (the website of the Detroit Free Press, in case you were wondering). The film is being directed by Night At The Museum's Shawn Levy and the budget has been set at $80 million.

Firefly Keychain
Going on sale on 15 March.

Reboot Of The Planet Of The Apes
It seems that Fox may have not have abandoned its plans for a new Planet Of The Apes film concentrating on Caesar, the ape who, in the original film series, lead the apes in a rebellion against humans. After Scott Frank left the project over creative differences, it looked like the film was dead. Not so, apparently – Fox has since handed the film to Peter Chernin to produce… and a director is expected to be hired soon."

Lost Season Six Spoilers
The Hollywood Reporter has a couple of fairly meaty season six Lost spoilers, but you're going to have to click on the link to see them. We're not risking giving them away.

Spartacus Episode One - Free To View Worldwide
The first episode of Spartacus Blood And Sand, a new show shot in 300-style, is available free to view worldwide. It's exec-produced by Sam Raimi and created by Steven S DeKnight, who's worked on Buffy, Angel, Smallville and Dollhouse. Othe writers on the series will include Joss Whedon's brother Jed.

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