Summer Game Fest will always be "digital first," but in-person to continue in 2023

Summer Game Fest
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Summer Game Fest will stay a "digital first" event, but its in-person presence will continue into 2023 and beyond, host Geoff Keighley has announced.

Keighley took to Twitter to not only confirm that the Play Day in-person Summer Game Fest event will happen again in 2023, but that it'll "continue growing and expanding with a united gaming industry." 

The host didn't clarify in which ways the in-person event will be expanding, but he suggested that it could start appearing in other countries. However, he made no mention of the event opening its doors to the general public in the future. "This event is not open to the public, but you'll get to read, hear and see lots of coverage from hundreds of global media and creators in the coming days," Keighley said.

Of course, the big Summer Game Fest kickoff show took place yesterday, with announcements including The Last of Us remake, Alien: Dark Descent, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Not-E3 2022 continues today with more reveals from Netflix Geeked Week, followed by an Epic Games Store showcase at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT, and then the Tribeca Games Spotlight at noon PDT / 3pm EDT. 

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 11, our very own flagship digital game showcase, the Future Games Show, will have its second event of 2022 with roughly 40 games from studios including Team 17, Thunderful, and Amanita Design. Then on Sunday, June 12, Xbox and Bethesda will have their own showcase, but we aren't sure what we'll see from that one.

For everything else happening, check out our complete guide to the E3 2022 schedule.

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