Sudoku + Kakuro = Japanese Puzzlegasm

With two Sudoku games already jostling about on the DS (Sudoku Gridmasterand Sudoku Mania) and the formidable Brain Age offering a solid Sudoku of its own, one might think that this particular niche was filling up. However, if one thinks that an abundance of games in a certain niche will preclude the development and release of further games in that very niche, one has not been paying very close attention. You should visit us more often.

Crave Entertainment has recently announced Sudokuro, a new puzzler for the DS that will offer not only Sudoku galore, but Kakuro as well. Not sure what Kakuro is? It's a bit like a crossword puzzle with numbers. The clues are numbers, and instead of letters, you fill in a row of numbers that add up to the clue number. Not sure what Sudoku is? You should visit the Internet more often.

Sudokuro promises a pantload of puzzles - over 5,000 Kakuros, 1,500 custom-made Sudokus, plus a Sudoku puzzle generator that will automatically crank out as many new puzzles as your gridded heart desires. Numberphiles can use the stylus and text recognition support or the D-pad and buttons to solve the puzzles, and there's also a "simple 2x2" mode specially designed for children, so young'uns can get their number fix on the morning preschool commute.

Sudokuro is due to release in January, and we can already feel the eye strain.

December 21, 2006