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Studio Focus: FuturLab

Location Brighton, UK
Founded 2003
Employees 8

"FuturLab is an award-winning studio best known for its Velocity series, including the recent Velocity 2X. Based one block from the beach in the vibrant city of Brighton in the UK, the studio is now expanding to develop multiple projects.

“What increasingly differentiates FuturLab from other studios is that we make games that our team wants to play. We also have complete control over creative decisions as we own our own IP.

“Our team enjoys working here because there is mutual respect throughout, and everyone feels involved in producing something to be proud of.

“We also don’t do crunch, as tired teams lose enthusiasm and make mistakes, which is often reflected in the overall quality of a game. We believe one of the reasons our games consistently gain critical acclaim is that they are made by a healthy and happy team.

“FuturLab is currently developing a new IP, which is a great challenge.
With Velocity 2X we were building on the unique foundations established by
the first game, so it was relatively straightforward, but now we’re back to inventing, and we’re reminded just how challenging it is to create something new. Every few days there’s a breakthrough, and staring us down a few yards ahead is a new brick wall. It’s an exciting and satisfying challenge, which is what we’re here for!”

James Marsden, managing director, FuturLab

Edge Staff
Edge Staff

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