Street Fighter X Tekken PS3-exclusive characters dated for release

Sony has outlined when players can expect to play with the PS3 exclusive characters promised for Street Fighter X Tekken. Today, the company posted an update on the US PlayStation Blog announcing that Infamous' Cole, and the Japanese cartoon pals Toro and Kuro will be available at launch on the game's disc. Meanwhile, fighting fans will have to wait until Tuesday, March 13, to unlock both Capcom's Mega Man and Namco's Pac-Man as free downloads.

Fans have been waiting anxiously for the arrival of Capcom's franchise mash-up, and judging by GR's hot-off-the-press review, it will be well worth the sleepless nights. In case you're having trouble keeping up with the 43 fighters on tap for Street Fighter X Tekken, let our comprehensive character guide bring you up to speed.

Street Fighter X Tekken will be out tomorrow, March 6, for PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America, followed by a March 9 launch date in Europe, and a PC release later this spring.

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