Street Fighter 6 open beta seemingly leaked for April

Street Fighter 6
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The fighting game community is buzzing as a prominent Japanese comedian and streamer appears to have accidentally leaked an upcoming Street Fighter 6 open beta set to kick off in April.

As FGC figure Ryan 'fubarduck' Harvey explains on Twitter, "Eiko Kano, a talent and streamer who is regularly invited to Capcom TV, casually mentioned that SF6 will hold an open beta later this month while streaming Dead by Daylight. He didn’t seem aware that this wasn’t officially announced yet."

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You should obviously take several grains of salt with this one pending an official announcement from Capcom, but another beta ahead of launch would make a lot of sense - particularly an open beta. That would allow Capcom to stress test its server infrastructure ahead of the June 2 launch of Street Fighter 6. And, of course, it would be another chance to market the launch through a playable slice of the game.

Eagle-eyed fans have been quick to note that there have been several back-end updates to the Street Fighter 6 beta listing on Steam today. That's no guarantee of anything, since several similar updates have happened over the past few months, but it does indicate that Capcom is doing some kind of work on its beta infrastructure.

Street Fighter 6 has already had two closed betas, which ran in October and December of 2022 and were available only on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, leaving PS4 fans in the dust (No Xbox One version of the game has been announced). Access to those tests was handed out through a lottery system, so hopefully any upcoming betas will indeed be more open. Though Capcom may have some PC restrictions in mind after players so thoroughly hacked that version of the closed beta.

Street Fighter 6 has all the makings of one of the best fighting games of the modern era.

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