Street Fighter 6 devs reveal character-specific taunts, ask if Ryu is a Chad

Street Fighter 6
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom has revealed what looks like a new character-specific taunt feature for Street Fighter 6, and they've got a very important question about Ryu's masculinity.

"And now, we proudly present Luke and Ryu taunting in Street Fighter 6," Capcom says in a tweet. "Will Ryu stand for this mockery or be a Chad and do something about it?! Or does he have more ways to respond…" I may never get over the term "Chad" being used in official Street Fighter marketing.

The accompanying clip shows Luke mockingly doing the fireball pose and shouting "hadouken" toward his opponent in the clip, Ryu. Please, watch the clip, and just imagine how angry you'd be after throwing fireballs at this guy.

"THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST LINES I'VE EVER GOTTEN TO RECORD," Luke's voice actor Aleks Le says on Twitter. "I tried really hard to put a lot of energy and humor into my performance as Luke! Plus I love Ryu so much that I was dying when we finally got to mess with him."

Seeing Luke's taunt specifically target Ryu suggests that there will be a number of character specific taunts in Street Fighter 6, though it's unclear whether every member of the roster will have a unique taunt for all their potential opponents.

Since the big reveal trailer for Street Fighter 6 at State of Play last week, Capcom has been revealing smaller features for the fighting game on social media. For another way to annoy your opponents, you can make a bunch of faces toward them by mashing direction buttons during the versus screen.

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