Street Fighter 5 chose PS4/PC exclusivity to unite the tournament community

I recently got a chance to speak to Mr Street Fighter, Yoshinori Ono, about, well, Street Fighter 5 and more specifically why the title has gone with only PS4 and PC this time around. Apparently, it's all to do with making life easier for the fighting community.

'We wanted to really unify the community," Yoshinori explained through a translator. "In previous titles we’d say ‘we’re having a tournament’ and it's like 'which version? Is it PC, Xbox, PlayStation? Which joystick should I bring? Which framerate should I practice in?' It was all over the place. We wanted to have it be one place to play Street Fighter."

Hence the move to unify the game behind one platform (and let's be honest, it might be on PC but PS4's going to be the competition platform of choice). "Ultimately, the support we were able to get - not just in terms of community building support, but also technological support and advice - Sony was able to provide to us. It’s really helped us achieve that goal. It’s all on one place and it’s one community and everyone can play together."

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