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Street Fighter 5's Ken has beautiful hair and new moves

Ryu's friendly rival and self-avowed family man Ken Masters will appear in Street Fighter 5, Capcom confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con. The latest addition to the Street Fighter 5 roster isn't much of a surprise, considering he's been in almost every other Street Fighter game, but he will look and play quite a bit differently this time around.

Ken's been redesigned to be more "stylish" and "aggressive" in Street Fighter 5. I don't know if those angry caterpillar eyebrows could get any more aggressive without peeling off his forehead and chasing strangers, but the non-shotokan outfit is definitely surprising, to say nothing of his new hairdo. The panel also revealed that his Heat Rush V-Tech Ability will bolster his special attacks, among other new moves.

The reveal trailer for Ken also briefly flashed another character who looked quite a bit like a new-and-improved Akuma, though we'll have to wait to find out whether it is indeed the demonic brawler.

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