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Street Fighter 5's beta returns on October 22 with a handsome new Ken

It still has a few bruises from the last beta (opens in new tab), but Street Fighter 5 (opens in new tab) is coming back for more. Capcom announced that the second Street Fighter 5 beta test will begin on October 22 and run through October 25, and this time PC players who pre-order on Steam can get in on the battle.

Starting on October 24, Capcom will let players from across both PC and PS4 duke it out in series-first cross-platform play, including ranked matches. Not only will you have more people to fight, you'll have new characters to fight them with: the second beta will let players choose from Ken, Necalli, Vega and R. Mika up front, and will add in Rashid on day two and Karin on day three. The characters from the first beta won't be available, so you'd better check out our Street Fighter 5 roster (opens in new tab) to get a feel for the new world warriors ahead of time.

The second beta will also let you spend your hard-earned Fight Money on titles and even stages. None of your unlocks will carry over to the final game, or even the next beta session, but it will give you some idea of how the Fight Money system works. If you were in the last beta, you already have guaranteed access to this one; if not, you can still pre-order for guaranteed access in North America, or sign up (opens in new tab) for a chance at a slot in Europe.

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Connor Sheridan
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