This Stray Game Boy demake is purrr-fection

Stray, the only true 2022 GOTY for cat lovers, has a fan-made demake that makes it look like a Game Boy game, and it's eye candy whether or not you've played the game.

As Eurogamer reports, the YouTube channel 64 Bits shared a 3.5-minute sizzle reel of sorts, showing what Stray would look like had Nintendo launched it as a handheld game back in 1989 or so. You can even see 64 Bits' interpretation what the cover art might've looked like at the beginning of the video.

The demake, which you can watch in its entirety just above, shows a few scenes from the game's opening chapters, and I'll just get this out of the way up front as a PSA for my fellow cat lovers: the scene you hated from the intro cinematic has been recreated and it's every bit as heart-wrenching as the official version.

From there, you see the titular feline navigating the dangerous cyberpunk-esque city and escaping from the Zurks, and ultimately meeting up with the lovable robot companion B-12. The video ends at the point in the game where you meet the Companions, the self-aware drones that built and are trapped in an underground society.

I'm impressed, but not surprised, by how good the Stray demake is. After all, it comes from the same folks behind the wonderfully detailed Elden Ring SNES demake and the God of War PS1 demake.

If you're still working your way through the game, don't miss our guide to Stray energy drink locations and how to find all of the Stray badges.

Jordan Gerblick

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