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Strange things happen when you swap Ocelot for Quiet and D-dog in MGS 5

Don't worry. There are no spoilers here. Just the weirdly wonderfully result of what happens if you swap Ocelot in for some of Quiet's key scenes in MGS 5 (opens in new tab). The effect is oddly hypnotic, look:

It's not clear where this is from beyond simply Reddit (opens in new tab) for the time being. The body swapping mod's also put Ocelot into the shower scene, which looks like this:

As it turns out Quiet's reason for being naked in MAG 5 (opens in new tab) is pretty thin, so as funny as this is, somehow watching a man cavort in her place makes it all seem even more dubious, really.

And, because body swapping isn't complete without some kind of horror element. there's this, which is what happens when you replace D-dog as a puppy with Ocelot. happy nightmares.

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