Still no real Project Gotham Racing 4 news yet

Hear that? Nothing? That%26rsquo;s the sound of silence emanating from Bizarre Creations at the moment regarding their latest Project Gotham masterwork. The only official comment about the game so far came courtesy of Bizarre MD Martin Chudley when he told us, %26ldquo;This time around we will be extending the boundaries of both Kudos and racing, and pushing the game in all-new and very exciting directions. Certainly, this will be a true Project Gotham Racing installment, but definitely not as you have seen before%26hellip;%26rdquo; And that%26rsquo;s it.

All very cryptic, but there are clearly changes afoot and we%26rsquo;ll be quite happy if the Kudos progression system goes back to the more hardcore days of the original PGR. Back then you started with a crate on wheels and really had to work to build up the Kudos required to move up the property ladder and acquire those better motors. PGR 3, especially, made it just a bit too easy to get hold of the super cars quickly. While this was good for car-whores with short attention spans, it did take away some of the all-important sense of achievement of finally climbing into a gleaming Ferrari F60 after a long struggle to earn the necessary points in an array of comparative junkers.