Here's your first look at Stephen King documentary Stephen King on Screen

The first clip from Stephen King on Screen, a new documentary described as "the ultimate guide to the King of your nightmares", is here.

The brief snippet features Mike Flanagan – a longtime King aficionado and Haunting of Hill House creator – discussing the "terrific female characters" of the writer’s work, as well as the impact certain women have had on King’s life.

Flanagan, who brought King’s horror novel Gerald’s Game to life on the big screen back in 2017 and then Doctor Sleep in 2019, also talks about the role King's wife Tabitha had in shaping (and saving) one of the author's most iconic works in Carrie.

"If you listen to him talk about Tabitha and you realize that she pulled the manuscript of Carrie out of the trashcan when he threw it in there in complete despair; when you imagine her being the first set of eyes on one of his stories and getting him that first critical feedback… it’s very easy to see where he gets a lot of that fortitude and mettle that his heroines have," Flanagan explains.

GamesRadar+ and Total Film also has the exclusive first look at the artwork for Stephen King on Screen, which features King and iconography from some of his most famous stories.

A banner artwork from Stephen King on Screen

(Image credit: Signature Entertainment)

As per the synopsis, Stephen King on Screen features a legion of famous faces sitting down to talk about their own experiences with King’s work.

"Fans of the beloved nightmare writer are given the chance to meet the directors and creatives who brought unforgettable stories to the big screen from Carrie to IT, Misery, Stand By Me, Cujo, Children of the Corn, and more. Join Hollywood legends Frank Darabont, Tim Curry, Tom Holland, James Caan, Mike Flanagan, and more as they discuss their own journeys into the fantastical world of Stephen King."

Stephen King on Screen is heading to digital in the UK on June 26 and will be released theatrically in the US and Canada later this summer.

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