Steel and Hawkgirl join Dawn of DC - along with a secret Doctor Fate teaser

Dawn of DC timeline
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DC has released yet another 'Dawn of DC' timeline outlining some of the publisher's plans for the rest of 2023 as part of its ongoing initiative to relaunch and revamp its core superhero line. This time, along with news about big relaunches for Wonder Woman and The Flash, DC has a few other new titles coming into play - and yet another hidden teaser for a still unannounced story.

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First off, there's Steelworks, which focuses on John Henry Irons, the original Steel, and his successor and niece Natasha Irons. Steelworks has the interesting distinction of being written by none other than Michael Dorn, who starred as Worf, the Klingon Starfleet officer, in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, among several films, giving him more live action Star Trek appearances than any other character or actor.

Dorn, who voiced Steel in Superman: The Animated Series, makes his comic writing debut alongside artist Sami Basri with the title, though it hasn't been given a release date just yet.

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That said, one of DC's other new titles, Hawkgirl, does have a release date, as it's been scheduled for July. Written by Jadzia Axelrod with art from Amancay Nahuelpan, the story focuses on Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders as she moves to Metropolis following the break-up of the Justice League. Axelrod previously wrote the DC YA original graphic novel Galaxy: The Prettiest Star, and will bring the title character into the core DCU as a supporting character for Hawkgirl in the new title.

Before all that, DC will release a Dawn of DC Primer in May written by Joshua Williamson with art from Leandro Fernandez. This one-shot that will offer fans new insights into the landscape of 'Dawn of DC' with a framing story featuring Amanda Waller.

And there's one more thing on the new 'Dawn of DC' timeline. With the previously obscured Knight Terrors now revealed, a new semi-hidden teaser can be seen on the far right side of the image. 

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The last 'Dawn of DC' timeline had a partially obscured "Return of the Justice League" teaser. But this time, there's a hidden image of Detective Chimp holding the Helmet of Fate. The art, by Brian Bolland, first appeared on the cover of 2007 Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp one-shot.

That story was part of a series of Helmet of Fate one-shots in which the titular magical headgear made its way around the DC Universe in search of a new host. The Helmet of Fate was recently destroyed in the story Lazarus Planet, with the new teaser seeming to indicate that a new Doctor Fate will soon be crowned (helmed?) in the DCU.

Doctor Fate doesn't quite make the list of the best supernatural superheroes of all time.

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