State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition hits Xbox One in April

Are you ready to die, permanently? Gosh, me neither. We have so much to live for! Instead, how about we just play State of Decay (opens in new tab): Year One Survival Edition when it releases on Xbox One on April 28? Good plan, Microsoft.

The company announced on Tuesday that the visually refined upgrade of the Xbox 360 (and later PC) zombie survival game will arrive soon - that means sharper textures, a more vibrant environment, and 1080p resolution, if you're counting. It will also include the Breakdown and Lifeline expansions built in on top of some new mission types, weapons, and characters, so it's an ideal way to catch up if you've been neglecting your undead apocalypse duties.

Speaking of catching up, if you already own the Xbox 360 version you'll get a discount on the Xbox One digital release: 33 percent off the normal price tag of $29.99 through June 30, meaning you'll pay $19.99 (European pricing TBA). You'll also get access to an exclusive playable character... just make sure he or she doesn't get eaten, because then wouldn't you feel silly?

Undead Labs also plans to release Year One Survival Edition on PC, though it's not clear when that version will release.

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