Stargate Atlantis 4.04 Doppelganger review

Original US airdate: 19/10/07

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Written by: Robert C Cooper

Directed by: Robert C Cooper


The One Where: Sheppard touches a strange crystal offworld. After returning, people have nightmares featuring an evil Sheppard. When crew members die as a result of their nightmares, Zelenka discovers the entity can move from person to person and is in McKay. Using alien tech, Sheppard enters McKay’s dreams to fight his doppelganger.

Verdict: Filler, only four episodes in? Blimey. It’s pretty dark, with Keller’s nightmare about a bug bursting out of Teyla’s stomach. And despite her being a recurring character, and thus expendable, Dr Heightmeyer’s death is genuinely surprising. As such, the comedy moments feel somewhat out of place. It’s an enjoyable ep though.

Stargate Universe: The mission Carter refers to, with the civilisation held in a virtual world, is SG-1’s season two episode “The Gamekeeper”.

Nitpick: McKay has recurring nightmares about whales, but didn’t he semi-befriend one in “Grace Under Pressure”?

Fourth Wall: When the team is in the jungle Sheppard says: “I’m wondering if somebody in a warm, cosy room, typing at their computer, sent us out here for their own amusement.”

References: Keller’s nightmare is a lift from Alien. Sheppard’s reply that there are “42” undescribed gate addresses is a reference to Hitchhiker’s. And that premise is similar to Elm Street’s.

Best Line:
Sheppard: "Looks like one of those toys you play with when you’re a kid."
McKay: "Commodore 64?"
Ronon: "Triple-barrel shotgun?"
Sheppard: "... a kaleidoscope."

Leah Holmes

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