Starfield introduces the known galaxy as the 'Settled Systems'

Starfield New Atlantis
(Image credit: Bethesda)

A new Starfield trailer gives an inside look at its in-game worlds, called the Settled Systems.

In the new trailer from Bethesda, game studios design director Emil Pagliarulo gives viewers a brief look at the Settled Systems from Starfield. The design director reveals that this pocket of the Milky Way is where Starfield is primarily going to take place, and it’s actually a grand total of 50 light years away from our corner of the galaxy on Earth.

Elsewhere, Pagliarulo reveals that while Starfield is set in the year 2330, there was a bloody civil war in the Settled Systems 20 years prior to the beginning of the game. These two factions, dubbed the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, might have come to a truce after the Colony War, but it’s an uneasy truce at best.

There are countless human threats throughout the Settled Systems, despite the civil war being resolved and all but settled over two decades ago. For example, Pagliarulo reveals that there are various pirate factions out there in the vast reaches of the Settled Systems, but you belong to the Constellation, an organization dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of the galaxy.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of Bethesda pulling back the curtain on Starfield. The game has been in development for a fair few years now, and when it eventually arrives on November 11, 2022, it'll be a console exclusive for Xbox, releasing across PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S in total. Starfield won't be coming to any PlayStation consoles, as Bethesda finally settled the speculation over earlier this year.

Previously, we've seen a different Starfield trailer show off the in-game cities of Neon, Akila, and New Atlantis.

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