Stardew Valley update gives players beach farm and split screen co-op

Stardew Valley beach
(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Stardew Valley developer, Eric Barone aka ConcernedApe, has announced that the 1.5 update will give players the option of a beach farm type whilst showcasing a new advanced in-game menu.  

Posting on his Twitter account, the developer shared a screenshot of the new menu which now features: a “remixed” option in the Community Center Bundles section, a guarantee one-year completion tick box, a mine rewards drop-down box, and a setting which lets players decide whether or not to allow monsters to spawn on their farm.

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The screenshot also gives players an idea as to what kind of farm you can expect to have on a beach with the description promising “good foraging and fishing, and tons of open space.” 

Barone was quick to answer questions about the new menu additions confirming that remixed bundles are “a randomized mixture of some brand new bundles and also old bundles”, and that “If you choose "normal" then it's just the classic Stardew Valley set of bundles”. 

He also shed more light on the 1-year guarantee option stating that in the current version of Stardew Valley “there's a bundle that requires red cabbage, which can't be obtained in year 1 except by random chance at the traveling merchant” but by selecting the “guaranteed year 1 completed” option players are guaranteed to encounter the red cabbage seeds in year one.

As to when this update will be rolled out remains to be determined however Barone did tweet last month that development was in “the home stretch”. The developer also replied to a fan who asked if the update would be available this year saying that “for PC, yes very likely. For Console, early next year”.

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