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Hold on to your junimos! Stardew Valley is coming to iOS devices later this month

Surprise! Stardew Valley is en route for iPad and iPhone via the App Store. In a surprise announcement that has very much been kept under the radar, the Stardew Valley iPad edition is coming later this month, but you can also play it on your iPhone. 

The iOS specific version has been created by mobile development studio, The Secret Police, in partnership with the original creator, ConcernedApe, and publisher Chucklefish, so you can bet your junimo that this is going to have the same authentic feel as the PC and console versions. Hopefully with Stardew Valley multiplayer on the way for Switch and other consoles after its PC launch, this might even be something on the cards for the iOS release too.

When is Stardew Valley coming to iPad and iPhone?

The Stardew Valley iPad release date is set for October 24, but you can pre-order the game now via the App Store for £7.99 / $7.99. You'll also be pleased to hear that there are no in-app purchases on offer either. Bonus!

How will the control scheme work?

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The iOS version comes complete with brand new touchscreen controls, which put all your inventory along the left-hand side of the screen thanks to a fully redesigned UI. It's intended to make farming on the move - and using touchscreen only - a lot easier than it would be otherwise. Obviously I'll be first in line to test it out when the iOS version drops October 24 though. 

What is another nice touch though is the fact that if you already own the PC version, you can transfer your save via iTunes to iPad - and hopefully vice versa - to continue your expanding farm empire away from your desk. 

Any word on a Stardew Valley Android edition?

After reaching out to Chucklefish about a potential Android version, we received this statement:

"Android is definitely a platform we want to support in the future. We’re working on it at the moment and are excited to reveal a release date soon."

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