Stardew Valley 2 isn't in the works yet but it could happen in the future, developer says

(Image credit: Eric Barone)

Stardew Valley 2 isn't in the works at the moment, but developer Eric Barone has said that it could happen someday in future. 

A sequel to the pixelated farming delight was mentioned in a recent interview with Game Informer, during which Barone talked about the future of Stardew Valley after the big upcoming 1.5 update that will bring banana trees and end game content to Pelican Town. While nothing is set in stone following the update, the developer spoke about the direction the game could go in. 

"I'm not willing to commit to Stardew Valley 1.6. I will say that I definitely love Stardew Valley. I love it as a world and a universe. I don't think [1.5] will be the end of Stardew Valley," Barone says. 

"I would not be surprised if there's another Stardew Valley update, or multiple updates, or a Stardew Valley 2. Who knows? There isn't currently a Stardew Valley 2; after 1.5, I'll decide what the next step for Stardew Valley is. But I would say there will probably be another step for Stardew Valley." 

In the interview, which takes a look at the growth of Stardew Valley since it first launched, Barone also mentions work is currently being done on other solo projects, which is keeping him occupied with "plenty to do". 

With a wealth of free updates over the past few years, we've seen the addition of multiplayer, new spouse heart events and seasonal events, more items and buildings, and marriage candidates such as Shaun and Emily. With every update, the farming sim has continued to thrive, and while the future of Stardew Valley isn't completely certain just yet, it looks like we expect to see more from the game in future - be it in the form of another big update or even a full sequel. 

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