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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough: Zeffo pt1

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo

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When you first leave the ship head into the shelter on the left to find a Crate with the BD-1 Skin Blue Leader. Come out and go to the larger Derelict Hanger to find a Crate with Poncho Material Bravo in it and a door locked from the otherside. Leave the hanger and head up the the ramp to the left and over the beam - you’ll see some creatures eating a dead Stormtrooper. Deal with them and then look for the steps leading away (the big ledge leads to a door that’s locked from the otherside for now). Climb the ledge leading to a door.

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo secret

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You’ll reach a small clearing where three monsters will attack. When you’ve killed them turn right (as you came in) to find two platforms that will lead you to a cave. It’ll be dark so use your Lightsaber as a torch and look for a stone bridge to the left go over to to find a Force Echo.

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo cave

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - Stim location, Zeffo

To the right of the Force Echo is a beam that will lead around to some Climbable Walls metal structures you can use to reach an a secret area with orange Crate containing a Stim Upgrade that will give BD-1 another stim you can use. Once you’ve got it head back out and jump to the ledge that leads to a path that takes you above the landing area. 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - Abandoned Village

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo landing pad

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Continue along the path where, take the Wall Run to the circular roof and take the stairs down to reach and reach a door you can unlock to make a Shortcut back to the Mantis. Behind you are some Stormtroopers fighting animals - kill whoever's left but before you head up the slope look around the side of the building next to the door for a ledge you can use to climb up and find Lightsaber Emitter Duty and Resolve, then go back and up the hill to follow the path around to reach the Abandoned Village.

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo abandoned village

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Use Force Slow to stop the waterwheel, cross over and fight the Scout Troopers. Look left as you come down the road to see a Force Echo tucked around the side of the building. Go through the village killing the Stormtroopers and when you reach some stairs look right for another porch by a red door frame you can climb up to reach a Crate on a rooftop with the Outfit Material Guardian. There’s also a bridge ahead you can use as a shortcut once you have the Force Push ability.

star wars jedi fallen order outfit material

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The door on this roof will open if you approach it and lead through to a Meditation Spot,  and a door to open as a Shortcut to the hanger. Go back to the rooftop and take the beam to the other rooftop and follow that route. You’ll climb up to another roof, use a yellow topped circular structure to reach the next building and cross a beam to find yourself above a Stormtrooper you can drop kill, another will attack so kill them and head around to the right to find a Crate with the Lightsaber Sleeve Duty and Resolve. 

If you keep going, past the Stormtroopers you killed, around to the right you’ll reach a Scomp crate you can open for a Lightsaber Material Durite once you have the Scomp Link. Go back to where you drop killed the Stormtrooper, jump over the over the broken bridge and head up the path to find a Meditation Point in front of a cave.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - Turbine Facility

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo meditation point

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Head into the cave to find the Turbine Facility, it’ll be dark so use your lightsaber to see. To the right you’ll find a wall run and beam that leads to a shortcut door locked from the other side so instead head straight ahead, jump the small gap and climb up to the left to a beam you can cross. 

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo lightsaber material

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At the top you can turn left to find a Crate with the Lightsaber Material Copper then turn around and go the other way, follow the metal gantry, over a small jump to a switch that’ll turn the lights on. Go over the another small jump and head along the path to go outside, overlooking the Abandoned Village. Keep heading up using Force Slow to stop the turbine so you can cross it. You’ll be charged by a new creature on the other side so deal with it and then move on where you’ll receive a new holomap objective as you reach an area full of Stormtroopers.

star wars jedi fallen order stormtroopers

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Go over some more turbines using Force Slow. Look for a small outcrop in the middle you can reach if you stop second moving turbine at an angle. If you jump to here and follow the path up you'll reach some more turbines that lead a ledge with a cave on the left, and a door you can't open yet. Inside you'll find a Life Essence, then keep going, up the ledge to come out the door you saw a moment ago. 

Now continue to follow the path you were on when you originally started heading over the Turbines, you’ll see a temple structure and some pistons in the mountainside. There will be some more Stormtroopers to kill and a door you can open to make a Shortcut back to the Turbine Facility. There’s an ice slide for you to head down with Stormtroopers overlooking it so get ready to block any blaster fire. At the bottom you’ll find a Rope to swing on and a Wall Run.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - Weathered Monument

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You’ll be attacked by some monsters when you land so kill them and had up the path, through the arch into Weathered Monument. There will be some more Stormtroopers to take care of before you do anything else.

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo weathered monument

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On the right of this area is a fan you can Force Slow to reach a Force Echo, and a cave you can go through to see an Empire ship leave. There’s also a Force Echo on the left, and a Scomp Door on the right that creates a shortcut to a later location once you can open it.  

To the left of the area as you come in is a Scomp Door you can open once you have the Scomp Link, inside is a Lightsaber Switch Duty and Resolve 2. There’s also a broken looking door you can destroy when you have Force Push. That will get you inside the Zeppho statue. If you can get in, go around until you can climb up where you’ll find an Upgrade Table that will giver BD-1 a Scomp Link. Use it to ascend the tower, including using Force Slow to get across a piston (where you’ll also see a Crate with a Mantis Paint Job Occultation inside). At the top you’ll access a Zipline back down to where you opened the door.

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo wall run

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Look for the Wall Run past the broken looking door and take it to reach a Meditation Point. After the Meditation Point you’ll see a path leading into a cave where a heavy assault trooper will appear. He’ll fire a barrage of bullets so use the double bladed lightsaber if you have it to deflect his shots and take him out quickly. Move forward and you’ll pass over the area you were just in. There’ll be another heavy assault trooper on the other side of some beams to deal with. Take him down and then follow the route until you reach a Rope by some red girders to climb up.

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At top turn right to find a small step that will lead to a Crate with the Lightsaber Sleeve Elemental Nature 2, then go back and use the beam. You'll have to drop down below the beam to pass the tanks and at the end you'll find a Rope you can use to get to an ice slide. You'll be above the Meditation Point in the previous area and there’s a Shortcut rope you can cut to link the two paths. 

star wars jedi fallen order rope shortcut

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Continue up the path to a RPG Stormtrooper guarding a door. Defeat him and the monsters that attack and go through the door. It’ll be dark again so use your lightsaber to see. There will be a console you can activate to hear a message, then go out the door at the back onto a gantry where a couple of Scout Troopers will attack, and you’ll find a Crate with Lightsaber Switch Duty and Resolve. Head down the ice slide and use the Rope at the end to reach the pistons in the mountain you saw earlier.

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo pistons

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Using Force Slow on the pistons jump up to the second one and go into the cave. You’ll be behind the pistons and need to use Force Slow again to progress. In the first piston chamber you'll find a Crate with the Lightsaber Material Durasteel. Grab it then continue through the tunnel dodging the pistons. When you reach the last one Force Slow it again and use the Wall Run to reach the ledge. 

If you cut the sticks on the edge as you come out, you can drop down on the piston below using Force Slow and head left across the other pistons to reach the Life Essence you saw at the beginning. Go through the piston caves again to get back and then head up the path to the Meditation Point. After that there will be a double Rope jump and some troopers to deal with. Check the Crate on the left for a Mantis Paint Job Starfighter before taking the Rope to the ice slide down. 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - Windswept Ruins

At the bottom you’ll follow a path via some Wall Runs, into a room where some creatures will attack you. Get through there and you’ll come into a chamber with a floor panel you can examine. Go right to find a door you’ll be able to open later if you have Force Push. Turn around and jump over to the stairs on the other side and keep going to find the Windswept Ruins and a Meditation Point 

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo windswept temple

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - Zeffo Terrarium Seed

Use the Meditation Point and make a note of the pillar at the back of the space with an animal on it as there’s a Terrarium Seed you can scan on top. There’s a few other creatures in here you’ll have to kill as you move around. Drop down to the left of the meditation point and you’ll find another floor plate you can scan. In the pillar directly under the Meditation Point there’s a door you need Force Push to open that contains a Force Echo but you’ll come back to that later with the story. 

Head forwards and on the right you’ll find a Crate in a doorway with a pillar leaning against it. You’ll find a Lightsaber Sleeve Duty and Resolve 2 inside.  

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo lift

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Head up and grab the Terrarium seed from the pillar that was mentioned earlier. Now look for a passage to the left as you face the Storm Door and head through the narrow gaps at the end. Use Force Slow to stop the flying rocks and then head into the chamber with the ball. Step on the lit platform to descend in to the temple.

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo temple

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