Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough and guide to Zeffo, Kashyyyk Dathomir, and more

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - The Tomb of Eilram ball puzzle 1

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo The Tomb of Eilram

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Head out the small door and up the stone stairs. Squeeze through the narrow passage, and jump over the platforms to reach an ice slide which will drop you into a wind filled chamber with a few creatures to kill. Once the creatures are dead look for a switch behind the large ball and turn it on. The ball will blow around and smash a wall to reveal a Force Echo. Switch the wind off before you retrieve it and then activates the switch behind where the ball is now resting to send it back and smash another wall. Leave this switch on and go to the broken wall to activate a second switch. The ball should now be midway between the two vents where you can activate a third switch to push it into the central podium. This will raise the platform and reveal a secret Force Echo in the chamber below 

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo secret

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Head into the other chamber and kill the creature then jump up to the ledge and go down the corridor. You’ll come into a chamber with a hanging ball. Use the Climbable Wall to reach another wind switch and turn it on, then off to set the ball swinging. You’ll be able to jump onto the ball’s climbable surface and swing to the next area. 

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo ball

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Use the Meditation Spot if you need it, then open the wind hole behind the ball to push it into the podium in front and raise some platforms. You can also kill the Tomb Guardian now if you want. It’s tough but slow and easy to dodge. 

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo platforms

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Go up the platforms you’ve created, slashing down the stalagmites to get to slide down to a rope you’ll have to grab to make a Wall Run. Head up the path on the other side and cut through the stalagmites to enter a wind filled chamber where you have to jump into the wind to reach the platforms and get across. 

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You’ll have to fight some monsters on the other side taking care with the spiky plants. Then there’s some more wind jumping to some platforms that will take you around to the right and a bridge. You won't be able to progress over it though until you open the wind hole on the left to blow away the plants and boost you over the jump you have to make. If you go straight up and over the bridge you’ll also see a doorway blocked by a plant you’ll have to kill that leads to Meditation Spot. 

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen order - Force Push 

When you land on the other side keep going until you reach a room with a Temple Guardian in and, to the left, a Force echo you’ll be able to access once you have Force Push to destroy the door by blasting the plant into it. Use the wind to jump up a level, open the wind hole you find and use that to jump over to the other side. Slash open stalagmites blocking the corridor and squeeze through turning left and continuing until you reach the door that triggers a memory where you learn the Force Push ability.

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo force push

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Before you use Force Push to open the door, head back out and find the block obstructing the door on the left. Use you new power to move it and continue through pushing blocks out of the way until one falls into a lower chamber. Push it up against the wall on the left and use it to climb up and reach a Force Echo and a crate containing Lightsaber Material Slivian Iron. Force Push the rubble obstructing the doorway and now go back to the door and open it. Enter the tomb and BD-1 will scan a wall to activate a recording from Eno Cordova. This will unlock a new destination: Kashyyk.  

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo Eno Cordova

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Once the recording is over the Temple Guardian will activate and attack so you’ll have to kill it before you can do anything else. Defeat it and you can open the door to get through into the area where you previously raised the platforms. Learning Force Push will have unlocked a new tier in the skill tree so use the Meditation Spot if you have any points to spend. 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - The Tomb of Eilram ball puzzle 2

Head in to the main area and take out the Temple Guardian if he’s back then Force Push the ball out of the podium the wind put it in, and push it to the other podium to the right. This will open up the door that was behind the Guardian. Go in and head left to find a Climbable Wall that will take you up a chamber with a second ball in. Force Push that into the main chamber and then into the track to the left of the last ball. 

star wars jedi fallen order zeffo ball puzzle

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The wind will blow it up to the higher level where you can then Force Push it into the podium up there which will raise some platforms. Next, go back to the swinging ball you used to get into area in the first place and Force Push that into the door which will smash through the obstruction and release the ball from it’s cradle.

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Push it to the track and the wind will blow it around in a loop. Climb up above where the first ball is and time your Force Push to put the third and final ball in the podium as it goes past. 

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This will raise the platform the third ball is on and give you a Climbable Wall you can use to reach the lift you came down in. Force Push the ball in the lift out of it’s podium and into the one below and then stand on the lit floor panel to raise the lift back to the surface.  

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough zeffo windswept ruins

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When you get back to the surface, all the air vents in the area will be active. These new columns of wind will help you reach new areas, as well as deflect RPG rounds from the Stormtroopers that have appeared. Take out all the Stormtroopers it’s easier to explore. 

There’s a few thing to mop up here now you the vents are active and you have Force Push. There’s a crate high up on the left as you come out that you can access that contains the Lightsaber Material Osmeridium. You can also now use Force Push to destroy that small door under where you originally came in to this area, to claim the Force Echo. At this point you can try and head back to you ship or explore some new areas with your new ability. If you check the map there are also two doors that have turned green now your new power can access them with Force Push

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough zeffo map

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The green door on the right, if you face away from the lift, will take you to a chamber with a probe droid and a wind blast that will lift you to an ice slide. That will take you back to Weathered Ruins. If you don’t mind backtracking to re-reach the Windswept Ruins then this would be a good point to head back to the broken looking door you saw earlier that you can now Force Push out of the way to access the Scomp Link upgrade for BD-1. You will come through Zeffo again as part of the story so you can always wait until then. 

The green door straight ahead as you leave the underground area will take you to room with a Force Echo, a door you can only access from the otherside, and an ice Slide where you’ll have to bust a few moves on the way doiwn including making some wind jumps on the way down, Force Push a wall, make a triple Wall Run and catch a Rope to reach a new area.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - Ice Caves

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough zeffo ice caves

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This is the Ice Caves area and basically a new hub area to explore. The door on the left as you land is a lift that will take you back to the door at the top of the ice slide that you couldn’t open (it’s a one way system as well so you can’t use it, or some of the other lifts down here, to get back down). So grab that if you’re having second thoughts about exploring more and just want to leave. 

If you’re staying grab the Meditation Spot. There’s a door on the right but it’s a shortcut you can’t open from this side so ignore and drop down and head left to find some rat monsters and a crate with a Poncho Material Wayfarer. Head back up to the Meditation Spot and up the ramp to an open area where you’ll be attacked by a large creature, kill it and go into the area it came from for a Force Echo. 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough zeffo big mosnter

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Stim Location, The Tomb of Eilram

Out of the cave to the left are two ropes you won't be able to reach until you have the Force Pull and Jedi Flip abilities. At the end is a Stim Upgrade that will add another stim to BD-1 pool. If you carry on through the door to the back you can find a Zipline that will take you to the Imperial Dig Site, or head back via the ropes to Ice Caves.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough zeffo spinning discs

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Outside of the cave you should see some spinning disks ahead, and to the right a crane you can cut to release a rope Shortcut for later. Use Force Slow to stop the discs and cross over them to reach the Wall Run. You’ll see a yellow lift ahead and a Heavy Assault Stormtrooper. However, watch out for a Scout Trooper who’ll jump out from the right as you approach. Kill them all and you’ll find a Scomp crate with the Lightsaber material Arcetron inside. 

The lift will take you to an area with a Meditation Point, a Force Echo at a buried stormtrooper body, a Scomp Door you’ll access as part of the story later to reach an area called Crash Site so don’t worry about it for now. There’s also an Ice Slide that will return you to the the stone bridge path with the large animal on it just below the lift (if you don’t take the lift you’ll have to jump down to this bridge yourself). 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough zeffo bridge

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Continue along the path to the left to reach another yellow lift which will lead to an area with a Meditation Point and a short cut to the Mantis. However, head past the lift initially and follow the path which leads to a series of wind assisted wall runs. At the end you’ll find a Purge Trooper, a Force Echo and two crates - one with the Lightsaber Material Cerakote and one with the BD-1 skin Bestin. Opening the door will unlock a shortcut to the area where you found the first lift. Now take the lift back to the short. It’s another opportunity to backtrack through Zeffo to check out any new areas (especially if you want the Scomp Link now) otherwise head to the Mantis where you’ll encounter an AT-ST you’ll have to fight to leave the planet.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough - AT-ST boss fight

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order walkthrough zeffo at-st

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To defeat the AT-ST use Force Push the second it fires a rocket to send it back at the machine. That does the most damage but you can also use your Lightsaber to deflect its bolts back as well (preferably double bladed if you have it, to cope with the rate of fire) you can also use Force Slow to get in close and hack at its legs but watch out for the mines it drops. When that’s done you can either head back to Bagano to see what areas you can now unlock (as heads up you’ll also go back there later with the story) or you can just press on to Kashyyyk.  

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