Star Wars Battlefront's offline Skirmish mode is available now

It's taken its time but Star Wars Battlefront now has its first proper offline mode. Skirmish lets you take on bots solo or with a friend in split screen across both the Fighter Squadron and Walker Assault game modes.

Server maintenance has now finished on PS4 and PC and Xbox One maintenance is currently ongoing. The July patch update is pretty long but as well as adding the new offline mode for all players, not just those with the season pass, the update has tweaked a stack of settings. There's also been some balancing around the Bespin DLC. See some updates below and the full list with weapon and star card changes on the official forum post


• Skirmish: A new mode, Skirmish, is now available for all players.
• Play Walker Assault or Fighter Squadron against AI bots together with a friend in online co-op, split screen (console only), or single player.
• Partner: Increased the spawning checks made on partner from 2 seconds to 1 second in order to more accurately determine if you are able to spawn or not. This should make it less likely that players will be able to partner spawn when being close to an enemy before a fire fight has started.
• Partner: Spawning is disabled on partners if an enemy is within 10 meters, changed from 2 meters.
• Cloud Car: Resolved a bug in which the blaster VFX incorrectly fired while playing in first person in the cloud car.
• Scoring: Changed the kill assist event to not trigger a kill and count towards your next trait rank. Now a kill assist will only give score.
• Team balance: Resolved a bug in which a team could be split and no auto partner assigned if the server had a low player count.
• Appearances: Resolved the bug that made all Rebel items usable on the Bespin maps without purchasing them.

Maps & Game Modes:

• Pre-round: Changed the pre-round timer from 60 to 90 seconds
• Administrator's Palace: Resolved a bug in which Boba Fett could reach an invisible collision box located very high up on the level.
• Cloud City: Resolved an issue with a misplaced out of bounds area.
• Cloud City: Resolved an issue in which the capture area for an objective in Turning Point was cut off by out of bounds.
• Cloud City: Resolved various instances in which the players could fall through the map and not die.
• Heroes Vs Villains: Round ends after three rounds on the Outer Rim levels.
• Cloud City & Turning Point: Moved back the Imperial spawn locations from the last set of capture points.
• Cloud City & Walker Assault: Reduced amount of turrets & droid power-ups for the Empire.
• Cloud City & Walker Assault: Increased the time for AT-AT Pickups to spawn from 30 to 100 seconds.
• Cloud City & Walker Assault: Changed the AT-ST token respawn time from 34 to 60 seconds.
• Cloud City & Supremacy: Increased the size on the final Rebel objective and moved it slightly.
• Cloud City & Supremacy: Resolved a bug in which the hero spawn was outside of the combat area, resulting in the player dying when spawning in.
• Supremacy: Changed the default respawn time for AT-ST tokens from 34 to 60 seconds.
• Bioniip Laboratories: Resolve a bug which limited the usage of orbital strike to a few select areas. Now it should be usable a lot more on the open areas on the map.
• Bespin: Updated various locations where objects weren’t correctly placed next to each other creating breaks on the maps.
• Twilight on Hoth: Resolved an issue with a DF-9 being partially hidden underground which resulted in players falling through the level when they tried to exit the turret.
• Hero Hunt: Resolved a bug in which players wouldn’t correctly spawn as a hero and would remain a soldier, making it so no one could be killed and no new hero spawned.
• Hero Hunt: Resolved an issue in which 20hp was only granted from health pick-ups and not 50hp.
• General: Resolved a bug in which players could get stuck in the lobby if the teams were unbalanced and the pre-round timer had started.
• General: Staying in close vicinity of any game mode objective will decrease the cooldown of your star cards.

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