"They’re the Jack Bauer of the Starfleet universe!" - Star Trek Discovery season 2 showrunner on Section 31

Mirrorverse Georgiou in Star Trek Discovery season 2

Star Trek Discovery season 2 is light years away from the show we first clapped eyes on back in 2017. There’s the small matter of the USS Enterprise on the horizon and, along the way, we’ve met some interesting species, heard a shipmate drop an f-bomb (tut, tut, Tilly!), and even took a trip into the Star Trek Mirror universe. It’s one of those Mirrorverse characters that could have a big impact on the foreseeable future, as showrunner Alex Kurtzman reveals during an interview with sister publication SFX magazine.

If you missed out on a deleted scene from the Star Trek Discovery season 1 finale, you might be a little confused by former Emperor (and now Mirrorverse stowaway) Phillipa Georgiou’s new position come season 2. She’s been recruited by the covert group Section 31. Think Mission: Impossible in space and you’re in the right ballpark.

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For Kurtzman, the group introduces an exciting new element into proceedings. “Starfleet is black and white,” he explains, “There are certain things you can’t do. But Section 31 does not operate that way. It operates entirely in the grey area.”

Whether that means more action is up for debate, but Kurtzman’s interesting choice of comparison has us intrigued: “They’re affiliated with Starfleet, but loosely. They’re the Jack Bauer of the Starfleet universe! And what they’re doing to keep people safe is something that bears a lot of scrutiny in [Star Trek Discovery season 2].”

So, you take the pressure cooker of a behind-the-scenes organisation and throw Mirrorverse Georgiou into the mix and you’ve got all the ingredients for a ticking timebomb that’s just waiting to go off in Starfleet’s faces. But, hey, if we see more incredible action scenes starring Michelle Yeoh (and who wouldn’t?) then it’s probably a necessary evil. Just try not to guess whose side she’s on. It’ll make your head hurt.

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