Stalker 2's official website has reportedly been blocked by Russia

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl
(Image credit: GSC Game World)

The official Stalker 2 website has reportedly been blocked by the Russian government. 

The page, which had displayed words of support for Ukraine as well as a call for peace from Kyiv-based developer GSC Game World, was made inaccessible by the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. 

According to the RIA Novosti news agency (via VGC), the block allegedly occurred after the developer made the decision to cease doing business in Russia. Currently, the page looks to be visible to others around the world. Additionally, GSC Game World's individual developer page remains, also displaying a call for an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Additionally, since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, GSC had opted to change Stalker 2's subtitle from "Heart of Chernobyl" to "Heart of Chornobyl", avoiding the Romanized Russian spelling in favor of the Romanized Ukrainian version of the name. This appears to have added fuel to a fire that was already burning.

Previously, GSC Game World had announced that Stalker 2's development would be placed on hold following Russian's invasion of Ukraine. This decision was made as the developer was "striving to help our employees and their families to survive," though it did offer confirmation to concerned fans that it would continue to actively develop Stalker 2. 

In late March, reports indicated that GSC Game World had resumed operations in the Czech Republic after a major relocation. This was later confirmed via Czech publication Vortex, with parts of GSC Game World moving to the country for the time being to continue development. 

There haven't been any additional details to come out regarding the situation. It remains to be seen whether the page will become available for Russian patrons in the future. As far as Stalker 2's release goes, that's also up in the air at this point as well. 

If you want to help the people of Ukraine, consider donating to The Ukrainian Red Cross, which is providing vital aid on the ground; Doctors Without Borders, which is working with local volunteers and healthcare professionals; and The Kyiv Independent, a Ukraine-based English-language newspaper which is keeping the world informed on what's happening on the ground.

Brittany Vincent