Stacked gets patched

It appears that Stacked with Daniel Negreanu shipped for the Xbox with a couple of minor glitches... if your idea of "minor" is "cash-stealing."For instance, one bugwould reset a player's online bankroll to $2000 whenever they logged onto Xbox Live (which could be good or bad depending on how much you had when you logged off). In addition, some other problems included incorrectly functioning Leaderboards and Hall of Fame as well as Daniel's poker tips giving bad advice in particular situations.

The good news is that the game's publisher is offering a free patch for download over Xbox Live to remedysome, though not all, of thesecrippling flaws, and it's available right now. A nasty "dirty disc error" problem persists, butthe publisherassures us that they're working on a fix for this and that it will be remedied in another patch available "shortly."

June 23, 2006