SSX spiritual successor coming from the executive producer of the first 3 games

SSX 3 (EA) (Image credit: EA)

The executive producer of the first three SSX games is working on a new action snowboarding game, and it could be the spiritual successor series fans have been waiting on.

The game is codenamed Project Gravity, and to learn more about it our colleagues at GR sister site Laptop Mag interviewed Steven Rechtschaffner. Rechtschaffner left EA in 2006 and recently founded a new company called SuperNatural Studios which is currently at work on Project Gravity; it's planned to be a free-to-play online game that will blend the kind of arcade-inspired, accessible snowboard action SSX fans remember with new creative and social elements such as course building.

While SuperNatural Studios hopes it's an enticing prospect for fans who have been waiting to see if EA will create another SSX game (the series has been largely dormant since 2012), Rechtschaffner is clear that this isn't meant to be part of the same series.

"A lot of things that excite us are creative extensions of experiences that we would've liked to create at that time, but couldn't. But what we are working on is not rooted in the world of SSX," he explained. "We're not nostalgic in the sense that we want to bring something back. If we were, we'd be working with EA to create a reboot of SSX. It's not that at all. We don't want to be beholden to people's expectations of where that goes.

"But we do want to make this arcadey, amazing-feeling, very accessible, competitive and fun game."

SuperNatural hasn't shared a release date or early access date for Project Gravity yet, but Rechtschaffner said the studio aims "to get something out there that people can start experiencing sooner rather than later."

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