Square Enix starts crowdsourced game feedback/funding platform Collective

Square Enix is starting its own curated crowdsourcing/funding platform called Collective. Creators with novel ideas may even be granted use of Eidos' older intellectual property, according to the platform's info page.

Collective begins by evaluating pitches from any and all interested interested developers. Accepted pitches are posted on a public feedback platform for 28 days, and If the site's community rallies behind a project, Square Enix will help the developer get set up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Between the feedback and funding stages, Square Enix says it will work with developers in a "due diligence" phase to lay out expectations for the project and establish realistic funding goals--if the project isn't up to snuff, developers will get feedback from staff on what went wrong and how to improve it next time.

Finally, the game will be listed for funding on Indiegogo, where it will be funded (or not) like any other project on the service.

It's free to submit a pitch to Collective, and the process is meant to be as transparent as possible, but making use of the service naturally comes with "some terms and conditions." Square Enix plans to reveal more about the service and what Eidos franchises will be available to work with (c'mon Backyard Wrestling) at GDC Next in November.

Connor Sheridan

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