Square Enix asks if you'd buy Final Fantasy 15 over Persona 5 next summer

Picture this scenario: You're a JRPG fan. It's summer 2016, and you've got enough spare cash and time for one (and only one) game. Persona 5 and Final Fantasy 15 are both sitting on the shelf. Which do you take to the register? That's the question Square Enix is asking fans right now as part of a 50(!)-question survey on its Japanese website, and it might clue us in to a FF15 release date.

Currently, FF15 is slated for 2016. Actually, not even that is confirmed by Square Enix - director Hajime Tabata link that it would be available after 2015, but before 2017, so we’re making a wild conclusion there. The long-in-development RPG's final release date will be unveiled at a special event in March.

Persona 5, meanwhile, has an official window of summer 2016. If Square Enix is asking players which of these two highly-anticipated JRPGS they would choose, it stands to reason that the company is weighing release date options to maximize sales.

I highly doubt Square Enix will reveal results from its survey, so why don't we take our own poll: Final Fantasy 15 vs Persona 5, who do you take home?

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Sam Prell

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