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Spore’s rudest creatures

Do a google search for “sporn” and you’ll find, a site that offers designer leashes, halters, harnesses, and collars for pampered pets. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find an underground community with their heads in the gutter. Abusing the Spore Creature Creator in the name of cheap laughs, these folks are pumping out humping aliens and well-endowed beasts around the clock. These tireless authors of high taste often get hit with the ban stick on Sporepedia or the video sites they’re using to host footage of their mad monstrosities.

But a lot of these miscreants survived the censors with their genitalia fully intact. Here are some of the funniest spornographic creatures we could find that have been living peacefully on the official Sporepedia site at the time of writing.

Title: Pleasure Monster
Author: noonan

Above: To your right is Priapus, an ancient Greek fertility god. To your left is the Pleasure Monster. He has penis arms and a jewel encrusted belly button

Title: Phallibird
Author: Dracotic

Above: Phallibird gets slapped in the face by his own junk

Title: Viagramonster
Author: indoomega

Title: Penismon
Author: whyusaydat

Title: hornymorny
Author: schoolboytom

Title: horny
Author: snowsurfer

Above: The aptly named horny

Above: A later version of horny by snowsurfer with extra legs for support

Title: the flying spikey phallus
Author: toshholly

Above: The deadliest groin in the galaxy

Title: hay ladies
Author: rofllol

Title: the pink pervert
Author: tolomea

Title: Masterbator
Author: futurerokstar22