Spore's handheld evolution

A recent recruitment advertisement suggests that Will Wright's evolution simulator Spore is currently in development for PSP and DS.

According to the ad, Electronic Arts is looking for programmers with over five years' handheld experience to "be responsible for designing, creating and maintaining game systems and content for Spore handheld titles."

It also mentions this will be for multiple handheld platforms, making PSP and DS obvious choices and GBA and mobile phone versions also possible.

Spore is currently in development for PC by The Sims creator Will Wright and his Maxis team. It's a game of extraordinary scale, enabling gamers to sculpt the evolution of a creature from single-celled organism all the way through to establishing sophisticated civilizations.

EA is publishing the game and, as it's shown with the Sims franchise, it'll be keen to make the game as multiformat as possible. Consequently, console versions of Spore could be considered.

Not much has been seen of Spore since Will Wright gave us a quick glimpse at last year's E3 games expo, but we expect it to be one of the stars of the show at E3 2006.

March 3, 2006