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Spore Creature Creator out June

We've known for a whilethat EA and Maxis plan to unleash the Spore Creature Creator as a separate product before the full game ships, and now eyes are turned to June for its release.

This has come off the back of an interview with Maxis VP of marketing Patrick Buechner conducted by IGN, in which he's asked if the Spore Creature Creator will be included in "The SimCity Box" which launches in the States that month.

"A trial version of the Spore Creature Creator will be available for free through a variety of sources including as a download from and in The SimCity Box", Buechner answers.

"There will also be a version of the Creature Creator available at retail. The free Creature Creator has about 25-percent of the creature making parts from Spore. The retail version will have 100-percent. It's up to the players to choose which version they want, but they'll all be available at approximately the same time."

We've spoken to EA UK about this and been informed that a retail version of the Spore Creature Creator is unconfirmed forUK shoresat the moment. However, what's essentially a demo version that Buechner talks about will be included in The SimCity Box - a deluxe SimCity pack - which launches here in the summer.

Courtesy of CVG

Apr 22, 2008