Sponsored: Immerse yourself in media with LG's curved, 21:9 screen

The ways you can interact with a screen are getting bigger, better, more creative, and more involved all the time. Games are becoming ever more intense and face-meltingly realistic, while also branching out into previously unimaginable, fantastical aesthetic directions. Ever easier and more powerful digital media production is slaying the idea that slickly directed, professionally produced, visually exciting film content is the sole preserve of the big production companies. Digital photography, whether it comes through the lens of a professional camera or a mobile phone, is capable of delivering crisp, spellbinding images, whoever the creator.

There’s only one problem. All of that easy, accessible, convenient scope for fidelity and creativity is coming from the other side of the screen. The tools that create all of this stuff are at the top of their game, but the delivery methods for getting them to your eyes, exactly as their producers intended? Not always there. And there’s no point having a house with a stunning sea view if its windows are small and dirty.

That where LG comes in. Or more specifically, that’s where the new LG 34UC97 21:9 curved monitor comes in. 34 inches of the most pristine, vibrant screen space in existence, displaying at full QHD resolution (ie. 3440 x 1440, ie. enough pixels to drown on), it’s much more than a monitor. It’s your direct portal to the sharpest, crispest, most dynamic, most real-feeling media you’ve ever not believed you were looking at. Its native resolution is big enough to render even the most demanding modern media in its full, all-too-rarely seen glory, and with so much breathing space in both screen size and pixel-count, it’s an unbeatable environment for the creation of those ever-more impressive visuals in the first place. Both ends of the process, amplified by one very cool bit of kit.

Video editors and photographers never need compromise on their abilities, with more than enough space to run more than enough clips, thumbnails, tracks, previews, and full-blown edits all at the same time--not to mention two Thunderbolt 2 connections, for unbeatable connectivity. No longer will a meaty rig--built for work or pleasure--be held back by a screen that can’t show what it can really do. But isn’t 34 inches usually too big for close, detailed work and immersive, interactive exploration? Not here. You see that’s where the curve comes in.

Forget that awkward ‘front row of the cinema’ vibe that comes with most massive monitors. There’s no neck-craning, corner-searching discomfort here, no seconds and minutes lost, spent scanning your screen to find what you’re looking for. The screen’s organic shape combines viewing area with viewing angle, mirroring your cone of vision and natural way of seeing the world. Any image, software interface, film, or virtual world, however big and extravagant, remains entirely intimate, and yours to experience just as immediately and naturally as you are the room around you right now.

Dazzling, deep, dynamic, and desperately distinguished. That’s the LG 34UC97. Dominant in its technical prowess, yet delicately sympathetic to the human experience, it’s literally and figuratively all the form and function you need.