SPONSORED: Get Hollywood calling with LG's stunning Ultra Wide Monitors

Now, more than ever before, Hollywood is a place of opportunity for the creative self-starter.

Just look at Gareth Edwards, a former visual effects artist who used his own at-home software and computer to create Monsters - which bagged him the gig on this year's mega-blockbuster Godzilla . Or Gareth Evans, who single-handedly wrote, directed and edited The Raid and The Raid 2 .

But while you may have the genius movie magic, you'll need the right kit to make those ideas a reality. Which is where LG's stunning range of 21:9 UltraWide monitors comes into play.

Whether you're editing on the fly, watching footage back, or simply juggling 52 emails from producers/agents/talent, LG's IPS widescreen monitors are the perfect solution. 2.4 times bigger than a traditional full HD 16:9 monitor, and with an incredible resolution of 3440x1440 powered by UltraWide QHD technology, they offer the world's first ever 34-inch QHD monitor.

In short - it's massive, beautiful and stupidly helpful, allowing up to four windows (shown in eight different screen ratios) to be displayed on-screen at once.

When it comes to colour balancing, augmentation and effects, the right kit is key (imagine if Sin City had been edited on a Betamax!). With its built-in scaler and Ture Colour Finder, the Ultrawide series has colour settings aplenty - and the 10-bit colour display (around 64 times richer than 8-bit colour monitors) ensures you're crafting the perfect scene every time.

When you're wrapping your next opus up, the LG UltraWide series proves it's also the best for watching your movie back. With full-bodied stereo sound, an astounding viewing angle and that aforementioned eye-popping colour, the IPS monitors' Cinema Screen technology proves the perfect opportunity to watch footage back.

Throw in an ultra-slim Cinema Screen bezel and transparent Crystal Float Stand, and you've got a private cinema-style set-up guaranteed to wow your retinas.

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