Sponsored: From Endor, with love - the amazing locations of Star Wars Battlefront 2


One of the most wonderful aspects of Star Wars is the fictional universe it creates. There's so much variety - be that in the aliens we see on screen, or the colourful and striking planets we see them on. Star Wars Battlefront 2 spans all the major locations from the movies, encompassing planets from the original trilogy, the prequels, and the newest films too. 

To demonstrate how lovingly created these locales are in the game, and how you can explore every inch of them, we've made the following video. If nothing else it'll help you orientate yourself on each world, and give you tips on how to tactically play each map in multiplayer. You're welcome!

There are multiple versions of each area, to accommodate smaller or larger battles, so you'll get different perspectives on each locale. And it's not all about exploring these worlds on foot, either. Many of the maps in Star Wars Battlefront 2 let you battle above the planets, in space, so you can get a view of the entire thing. Not that you should be staring out of the window while you're in the middle of a dogfight, no matter how beautiful the scenery.