Sponsored: Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Tactical Multiplayer' trailer

This new multiplayer trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines from Sega shows you not only the new tactical options offered by the character classes, but also precisely how much corrosive alien blood you can liberate from a Xenomorph’s body with long-range ballistics like the M56 Smart Gun. The answer is: A lot. Check out this brutal and bloody new footage from Gearbox Software’s new baby:

That Crusher at the end is a prime example of the authentic-looking yet brand-new content for this ‘officially canon’ addition to the Alien universe. From a gameplay perspective, the tactical depth offered by the smokescreen and ceiling traversing abilities of the Xenos makes it look like a bad day for the Marines on paper. In reality? That sweet flamethrower will have something to say about that…

But of all the weapons and abilities it’s the Boiler’s exploding head that we’re most excited by. Being able to detonate your own head and shower the entire opposing team with acid is classic Gearbox awesomeness and we can’t wait to get online and do it. Repeatedly.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on February 12, so look out for our review soon. For more on Gearbox Software and the game, check out our hub page right here.