Spocktacular Star Trek: Legacy screens

Using only a tractor beam and an outlandish Scottish accent, we've managed to capture a wave of screenshots from Star Trek Legacy, the PC and Xbox 360 space-strategy game due this December, Cap'n.

The game will drop you into the tight fitting velour uniform of a Star Fleet Admiral charged with clearing the 3D battlefields of Klingon, Romulan and Borg vessels.

Above: All the classic ships will join your fleet, including the various Enterprises.

Played out in real-time, these encounters stretch across the Trek universe from Shatner's original series, through to the boldly going of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager before looping back round again, via a wormhole, to where it all began with Enterprise.

But Legacy isn't the only Trek title set to appear this December because, along with the previously seen DS game, named Tactical Assault, the newly confirmed Star Trek: Encounters is also due on PS2.

Designed as a shoot-'em-up, this arcade-style blaster will tear through the 40 years of Trek history in a blaze of phaser fire. Taking command of a single ship, you'll face every alien known to man, and Roddenberry-kind.

With all three games due in December, we'll be making first contact very soon.

October 27, 2006