'Splosion Man creator hints at new game in Craigslist ad

When it comes to new game announcements, the tv/film/video/radio jobs section of the Austin, Texas Craigslist page isn't usually the first place to look, but that's where Twisted Pixel is searching for extras in a promotional video for an upcoming project.

Twisted Pixel, the independent developer which has gained most of its fame for the indie hit 'Splosion Man, posted the ad yesterday. It reads, in part:

"You're invited to be an extra in a video shoot for Twisted Pixel's newest video game! The game hasn't been announced quite yet so we need to be light on the details until then. When the game is announced, info about the game will appear on our website: www.twistedpixelgames.com."

The event will take place on January 29 at the Paramount Theater in Austin, beginning at 10:45.

Local Austin residents are encouraged to contact job-xn4pd-2179171976@craigslist.org to RSVP for the film shoot. You won't earn any money for the three to four hours you'll have to give up on a Saturday, but "light snacks and refreshments" will be available. Volunteers are expected to wear casual attire without any lawsuit-inducing logo shirts or offensive language.

Apparently there's no limit so Twisted Pixel must have something big planned for this promotional video. Of course, even if you go you won't have any idea what the game is.

See the full ad here.

Jan 26, 2011

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