Splitgate September update adds mantling, Nvidia Reflex, and bug fixes

(Image credit: 1047 Games)

The Splitgate September Update is going live now with the oft-requested mantling mechanic, the addition of Nvidia Reflex for PC players, some improvements to voice chat, new featured playlists, bug fixes, and more.

The biggest highlight of the Splitgate September Update is the addition of mantling, which players have been requesting for years. This will allow you to grip onto ledges and pull yourself onto platforms instead of smacking into the corner and falling into the void. "Players are now able to climb ledges with far more freedom, allowing more strategic verticality in combat," 1047 Games says in a press release.

Another big update going live is Nvidia Reflex, a tool designed to reduce input latency considerably. In a fast-paced FPS like Splitgate, the handful of milliseconds you could save with Nvidia Reflex could be key to your KDA. Sadly, as it's only available on Nvidia GPUs, Splitgate doesn't support Reflex on consoles.

Splitgate's September update also aims to improve stability in voice chat, ideally putting an end to commonly reported issues. We listened, we heard you and now will continue to hear you loud and clear as voice chat should no longer drop out across platforms during a match," the press release reads.

In addition to those bigger updates, there are also some new featured playlists that'll shake up the usual rotation every weekend. Finally, a number of bugs have been ironed out, including one that's been making the Karman Station's map crash. You can check out the full list of bug fixes, optimizations, and quality of life fixes with 1047's full patch notes.

There's a whole lot more to come, as 1047 Games says Splitgate is only about 25% finished.

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