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Splintered review

On the run from a beast in the Welsh wilderness...

“Stop messing about guys!” whines Sophie (Holly Weston) in one of two phew-it-was-all-a-dream sequences padding out this no-budget Brit beastie flick.

It’s an inauspicious start, and the rest of the set-up, which follows Weston and chums as they bicker, bonk and imbibe in wild rural Wales, suggests a stinker’s brewing.

Luckily, first-time director Simeon Halligan has some surprises ready – a spooky location, a tense mid-section and a terrifically twitchy, Smeagol-ish turn from Stephen Walters as Sophie’s feral tormenter.

The result is an enthusiastic, if dog-eared mongrel of a movie.

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