Splinter Cell couldn't be done on PS3

Fisher's back to basics approach to stealth has been fully revealed in magazines that include first screens and solid information on the 360-exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The biggest surprise to come from the article is the Ubisoft Montreal developers saying the game wouldn't be possible on PS3.

According to the magazine there'll be no more sneaking around in the shadows and the whole gameplay is a bit more James Bond and played out in broad daylight. Every on-screen object has physical properties and most of them can be used by Fisher to help him distract people from what he's up to. Hand-to-hand combat features the use of context sensitive attacks and environmental interaction.

The developers said in an interview that the game is exclusive to 360 because it allows them to do much more than if it was multi-platform. They doubt they could achieve what they're doing with the 360 version if it was also on PS3.

Look out for more on Conviction soon.

May 8, 2007