Splinter Cell 3: Gen, shots and that suit

Ubisoft have furnished us with further details on Splinter Cell Chaos Theory's multiplayer and to all intents and purposes it's an updated version of Pandora Tomorrow's. However, there are significant tweaks and a couple of new modes to ponder, as well as an impressive PC and Xbox screenshot overload. Good times.

The versus multiplayer borrows from Pandora Tomorrow with two teams going head-to-head. One team takes the third-person stealth role of Shadow Net spies, who have specific infiltration objectives, while their opponents will offer resistance as first-person Argus mercenaries with the sole purpose of protecting their compounds.

Scenario mode presents three main, self-explanatory types of objectives, with players focusing on neutralisation, extraction and bombing, plus a new mode in Disk Hunt. Disks are scattered throughout a level and spies have to retrieve a specified number to win.

Co-op multiplay has a nice new continuity twist with your intel-gathering objectives being directly related to the plot of the single-player campaign. In effect, you're helping main man Sam Fisher in his mission to thwart world conflicts. Although there are no specific details, co-op multiplay also features a new knife challenge mode, which is said to offer additional ways for players to collaborate. We presume it's more subtle than "You hold him, while I stab him".

All of the multiplayer modes, new and old, are graced with new maps and support online, system link or split-screen play, depending on your format of choice.

However, the most exciting aspect of Ubisoft's latest Chaos Theory update is the screenshot of Sam in his new Predator-styled stealth suit. Take a look to the right, salivate, speculate, anticipate and start saving your money.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory slipped a little while back from its November release date and will now be out on Xbox and PC in 2005