Splatoon is coming to Tetris 99 in a special crossover Maximus Cup

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Support for Splatoon 2 may be wearing down over the next month, but that doesn't mean the woomy's are done until Splatoon 3. In fact, we're getting a special crossover event in Tetris 99 this month. 

The fifth Maximus Cup, a special event where you can earn points as you play, will be Splatoon themed. Players who earn more than 100 points through playing (and winning) during the event period will unlock a special Splatoon 2 theme for Tetris 99. The event takes place between July 12 until the end of the day on July 15.

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Tetris 99 is currently free to play for anyone who has a subscription to Nintendo's online service which only costs $20 a year. Nintendo also dropped some offline additions to the game with the Big Block DLC for $10. You'll still need a subscription if you want to take part in the upcoming Maximus Cup. 

It's all in order to celebrate Splatoon 2's final Splatfest, which happens on July 18 pitting Team Order against Team Chaos in the final night festival in Inkopolis. The decked out Splatoon theme for Tetris 99 looks absolutely stellar. It's got beautiful color, a groovy soundtrack, and all kinds of goofy sound effect. A perfect change of pace for Tetris 99's standard theme.

I'm sure we'll see more for Splatoon 2's final Splatfest, but I'm still sad to see support fade away for one of the best multiplayer games out there. 

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